When did construction begin?

Construction began in November 2016 with Phase One of the STEP mixed-use development on the Spokane Tribe of Indians’ ancestral lands on the West Plains of Spokane County. The Spokane Tribe Economic Project will be built in phases and, once completed, will include: casino-resort facility, parking, retail space, Tribal Cultural Center, commercial space, and a fire and police station.

When will the casino open?

The Spokane Tribe Casino is expected to open late 2017 with a grand opening celebration. The STEP journey has been a long one for the Spokane Tribe and its many supporters. The casino opening its doors for business will be another major milestone to celebrate. Phase One includes the new casino which will feature approximately 450 gaming machines, 12 table games, and food and beverage amenities.

How many jobs will the project create?

At full build-out and operation, the Spokane Tribe Casino will bring more than 5,000 full time and construction jobs to the region. More than 1,200 construction jobs with wages of approximately $65 million will be created over the phased build-out. Phase One construction crews include Spokane Tribal members, non-tribal and construction workers from other tribes.

Who is the general contractor?

The Spokane Tribe has hired Swinerton Builders as the General Contractor for Phase One construction. Swinerton and all construction subcontractors are committed to abiding by the Spokane Tribe’s TERO (Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance) policies and the Community Workforce Agreement between the Tribe, Swinerton Builders and the Northeastern Washington-North Idaho Building and Construction Trades Council (Trades Council). TERO requires that all employers and contractors engaged in business on or near the Spokane Indian Reservation give preference to qualified Native American workers in all aspects of employment, contracting, and all other business or economic development activities. The Spokane Tribe TERO office can be reached at 509.458-6529.

How do I apply for Spokane Tribe Casino jobs?

You may submit your resume and cover letter on the Spokane Tribe Casino website jobs tab. Open jobs and full descriptions will be posted on the Spokane Tribe Casino website when they’re available. Spokane Tribe Casino Job Fairs will be scheduled and posted on the website:

What is the Spokane Tribe’s response to the lawsuit?

A lawsuit was filed against the U.S. Department of the Interior by the Kalispel Tribe of Usk, WA, on April 12, 2017 in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Washington. In response to the lawsuit, Spokane Tribal Council Chair, Carol Evans stated: “The United States Department of Interior approved the Spokane Tribe’s new casino, located in the heart of our ancestral homeland, only after engaging in a rigorous, comprehensive ten-year review process. Governor Jay Inslee then concurred with the Interior’s decision after a year-long review of the record and after meeting with key stakeholders. Simply put, Interior correctly administered the review process and ultimately made the right decision. We stand ready to assist the Department of Justice in defending against the Kalispel Tribe’s lawsuit, which boils down to an argument that the government is somehow required to insulate Kalispel’s gaming monopoly against fair competition from us, the resident Tribe, despite our significant unmet needs.”

Will the Hard Rock brand be part of the project?

The Hard Rock Hotel/Casino brand is not part of the Spokane Tribe’s Phase One construction and opening. Discussions continue between the two parties for possible future collaboration.

How do I stay up-to-date?

Stay in touch with project details, job fairs and much more by visiting and the Spokane Tribe Casino Facebook page.